No Borders

Jason’s 2016 print, ‘Stac an Armin’, taken from the St Kilda series of etchings, currently features in Kiplin Hall’s exhibition, No Borders. The show includes work from 19 artists, such as Norman Ackroyd, Michele Bianco, Amelia Humber, Debbie Loane, Jill Campbell and many more. Each piece explores Kiplin Hall’s past inhabitants love of exploration and adventure. From rugged landscapes to dramatic shorelines, the exhibition encompasses a variety of environments and evokes an incredible sense of time and space.

‘Stac An Armin’ was made following Jason’s journey to St Kilda in the Outer Hebrides. The print conveys the wild, tumultuous landscape of the islands, the last windswept outpost of the British Isles surrounded by the Atlantic. Jason’s work is often defined by extremity, and his St Kilda prints are no exception, with the blackened peaks of the islands rising out of the swirling seas.

No Borders has been co-curated with Zillah Bell Gallery in Thirsk. Established for over 30 years, Zillah Bell is a leading contemporary fine art gallery specialising in original prints, paintings and ceramics. Jason has shown many of his works with Zillah Bell Gallery over the years: his most recent exhibition there was St Kilda & Orkney: Gods of the Earth, Gods of the Sea in 2018.

The exhibition runs from 14 September to 30 October, 11am – 5pm. A percentage of the sales from the show will be supporting the work of Kiplin Hall and Gardens, a registered charity which aims to protect and preserve the heritage of Kiplin.